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Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology-Subcenter
Date of Birth : 11/10/1974

Address : Dept. of Microbiology, Dr. B.A.M. University Sub Campus, Osmanabad. 413 501
Specialization/Research Thrust Area
Microbial Pigments, Enzymes, Biotransformation, Secondary metabolites from microbes
Ongoing and Completed Research Projects
TitleFunding AgencyDuration FromDuration ToGrant/Amount MobilizedProject Status
Scrrening of xylanase producing actinomycetes from Dr. B.A.M. University 09/08/2009 08/08/2010 0.15 Completed
Screening of phosphate solubilizing actinomucetes Dr. B.A.M. University 11/12/2018 10/12/2019 0.40 Ongoing
Published Papers in Journals/Conferences
TitleJournal NamePage NoISSN/ISBN NoImpact FactorSrc of Impact FactorNo.of co-authormain AuthorAgencycitationsNational/International
.K. Shaikh, P.P. Dixit and T.N. Shaikh Purification and characterization of alkalinesoda-bleach stable protease from Bacillus sp. APP-007 isolated from Laundromat soil Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology 16, 273-276 1687-157X 1.78 02 Yes Google 01 International
Development of dot-ELISA for the detection of venoms of major Indian venomous Snakes Toxicon 139, 66-73 0041-0101 2.352 03 No Google 04 International
Assessment of Cultivable Oral Bacterial Flora from Important Venomous Snakes of India and Their Antibiotic Susceptibilities Current Microbiology 1278-1286 0343-8651 (Print) 1432-0991 (Online) 1.32 03 No Google 03 International
Hybrid triazoles: Design and synthesis as potential dual inhibitor of growth and efflux inhibition in tuberculosis Europian Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 107, 38-47 0223-5234 4.816 02 Yes Google 14 International
Screening of pectinase producing bacteria isolated from Osmanabad fruit market soil International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies 2(6) :141-145 2348-0343 1.35 03 Yes Google 02 International
XYLANASE from STREPTOMYCES HYGROSCOPICUS under Solid State Fermentation International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research 7(1):38-46 ISSN 0976-2612, Online ISSN 2278–599X ,Thomson Reuter 01 Yes Google 02 International
Screening of biosurfactant producing microorganisms from oil contaminated soils of Osmanabad region, Maharashtra, India International Science Journal 1(1): 35-39 2348-6058 (On Line) ,Indian Citation Index 03 Yes Google 07 International
Isolation and screening of alkline protease inhibitor producing actinomycetes” Proceedings of National Conference on Biodiversity: Prospects and Potentials – 2012 175-178 978-81-925586-1-5 ,Scopus - 01 Yes - - National
Production of extracellular laccase from white rot fungus Fusarium sp. Frontiers in plant diseases and it’s control for agricultural development 172-182 978-81-930533-1-7 - 03 Yes - - International
Studies on isolation of antimicrobial actinomycetes from Osmanabad soil. Int. J.Curr. Microbiol. App. Sci.(IJCMAS) 2319-7706 Int. J.Curr.4(4):123-126 2.015 05 Yes Google 01 International
Research Guidance
Name of StudentName of DegreeTitle of ThesisStatus(Ongoing/Awarded)Year of Award
Miss Rehman Naziya Nishat Mohammad Aziz Ongoing
Mr. Shaikh Innus Kamruddin Ongoing
Miss Shaikh Sabina Akheel Ongoing
Mr. Disale Sanjay Nivrutti Ongoing
Mr. Napte Santosh Uttamrao Ongoing
Mr. Tungikar Vishal Vivek Ongoing
Miss Yadav Sarita Kashinath Ongoing
Articles/ Chapters published in Book
TitlePage NoBook/ChapterAuthor/EditorBook/Chapter Title,Editor&PublisherISSN/ISBN NoPeer ReviewedCo-authorMain AuthorAgencyCitations
Paryavaranshastra Book Author Vidya Books Publications, Aurangabad. ISBN: 978-93-81374-42-9 No 03 Yes - -
Handbook of Biofertilizers and Biopesticides/edited Book Co-editor Oxford Book Company, Jaipur. xviii No No Google 07

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